BAE Systems

BAE Systems is an international company engaged in the development, delivery and support of advanced defence and aerospace systems. BAE Systems has, via its extensive business portfolio, an immense breadth and depth of CBRNE expertise and experience in the land, air, sea and metropolitan domains. This experience includes development of CBRNE solutions at a technology, product, platform and system-of-systems level, as well as core skills in knowledge management, systems integration and project management. Complementary experiences of the BAE Systems business units are brought together via a company-wide CBRNE Community of Interest, which shares lessons learnt, agrees strategy and explores and defines synergistic exploitation opportunities. This collective learning, expertise and experience will be utilised throughout EDEN programme.

Activities in EDEN:

-          Eden Project Coordinator

-         Modifying existing capabilities and tools for the EDEN store and supplying tools for the multichemical and radiological demonstrations

-         Leading the Evaluation Activities

-         Supporting the exploitation and business case tasks