Planned radiological exercises 02/03/2015

Initial Field Exercise

Initial Field Exercise (IFX) led by Astri Polska (APL) will be held on 13-15th April 2015. IFX is a realistic practical exercise focused on a range of crisis situations regarding radiological threat for public safety at the voivodeship (regional) level. IFX will be organised with participation of emergency operation services, institutions and organizations cooperating during CBRNE incidents. Main target is to test selected EDEN tools in pre-operational conditions in live operations in urban area, including parts of a chemical plant. Additionaly, tools will be integrated with existing decision support systems being used in real CBRNE operations

Table Top Exercise

Table Top Exercise (TTX) led by Space Research Centre (SRC) will be held on 13-15th May 2015. This event is scheduled as a comprehensive staff training, buiding upon scenarios already evaluauted during all three VF workshops and examined at operational and tactical level of incident command chain during IFX. One of the aims of the exercise is to test and validate different sets of tools supporting decision processes of the crisis management personnel, in particular enhancing their situational awareness and providing comprehensive visualization of situation.