CBRNe Supplier Meeting 04/06/2014

The “CBRNe Supplier Meeting” in South of France is organized jointly by the European Virtual Institute for Integrated Risk Management (EU-VRi) coordinating the Supplier Platform of the FP7 Research Project EDEN (http://www.eden-security-fp7.eu), the European Technology Platform on Industrial Safety (ETPIS) and the French competitive cluster on risk and vulnerability management Pôle Risques and aims at bringing together companies and researchers serving the security of the society with innovative solutions. The main objectives of the meeting are:

  1. To provide the (future) platform members with as detailed information about the project and especially about the demonstrations as possible.
  2. Wherever possible, to inform about expectations and Project EDEN capabilities requirement, both technical and procedural the platforms and its members should address.
  3. To learn about the technologies and products the members of the platforms have to offer to the project/demonstrations."