Virtual Facility 06/03/2015

Virtual Facility (VF) event consists of a series of workshops led by the Main School of Fire Service (SGSP) held on 28-29th January, 25-26th February and 23-24th March. Each VF is a virtual simulation of four emergency radiation incident scenarios inside and outside of a nuclear plant which affect public safety at different levels of crisis management in an imaginary country. More than 50 international end-users and tool providers from emergency and crisis management community will work in scenario thematic teams. Background of scenarios is based on historical events, in order to discuss end-users experience and good practice. Scenarios will also be a good opportunity to share practical perspective on issues related to designing, testing and using tools supporting end-users on a daily basis. Main target of the exercise is the comparison of currently used tools to the potential of “EDEN Store” tools and the exchange of experiences between suppliers and end-users.