2nd meeting of CoU 05/05/2015

The 2nd meeting of the Community of Users on Disaster Risk Management and Crisis Management took place in Brussels on 4th and 5th of May2015. The Community of Users is developed with the support of two major demonstration projects, namely DRIVER (Crisis Management) and EDEN (CBRN-E). The 2nd meeting has been designed in three parts, namely a DRIVER session on the 4th May afternoon, a CoU session on the 5th May morning and an EDEN session on the 5th May afternoon. The presentation from EDEN session can be found in the DOWNLOAD section

Here you can find the agenda of the event:

DRIVER Panel Discussion
4th May 2015

11:45 Registration
12:00 Welcome lunch
13:00 Short introduction of the DRIVER project and aim of the panel discussions by Merle Missoweit (FHG-INT)
13:15 Tour de table
13:25 Presentation of the DRIVER experiments by Laurent Dubost (THALES)
13:50 Introduction of possibilities for DRIVER relations with other CM research projects by Merle Missoweit (FHG-INT)
14:10 Working groups to discuss the potential for collaboration on the following sub-topics:
Group 1: Cooperation on DRIVER methodology – Moderator: Anders Eriksson (FOI)
Group 2: Cooperation on DRIVER Crisis Management Solutions – Moderator: Jean-Michel Dumaz (Pôle Risques)
With representatives of the following projects: EPICSECC, FORTRESS, GIFT-CRBN, POP Alert, RAIN, SNOWBALL, SPARTACUS and other projects
16:10 Break
16:30 Panel discussions: Which concrete cooperation could be developed in the short to medium term
17:30 Way forward by Merle Missoweit (FHG-INT)
18:00 End of the meeting

Community of Users on Disaster Risk and Crisis Management User's Involvement

5th May 2015
Debates in Live Streaming: www.live-video.be/eden-driver

08:30 Registration
09:00 Introduction, CoU objectives and tasks by Graham Willmott (European Commission, DG HOME)
09:15 Short introduction on the state of play of the CoU mapping and of panel discussions by Philippe Quevauviller (European Commission, DG HOME)
09:20 PANEL 1 - Involvement of users / experts networks in the CoU
The discussion with focus on how to attract networks and involve them in the overall mechanism of transfer of info at different levels (EU, national, regional)? How to make them perennial in the context of a long term development of the initiative?
10:15 Break
10:30 PANEL 2 - Use of social media, news ways to interact with users, including the public
How to ensure that the information generated by the CoU will be openly accessible and interactive?
11:15 Break
11:30 PANEL 3 - Standardisation needs and consultations of users
How to guarantee that standardisation needs are fit to policy needs and meet operational practices by e.g. first responders? How to interact with the stakeholders?
12:20 Concluding remarks, way forward
12:30 Lunch