User needs

EDEN takes into account the needs expressed by former and on-going projects as well as the experience of partners including users.  We have collected a list of several hundreds of needs from a wide variety of sources and have extracted a short list of 15 essential needs to which EDEN project would like to responde.



Two general needs have been identified from both the users and the suppliers’ side:

1. Need for the users to have a simple, robust and clear access to the available tools, systems, integrating tools, procedures and expertise with a feedback and recommendations from other users (toolbox of toolboxes).

2. Need for suppliers, SMEs and to some extent academia, to be able to make their products known, standardized, “integrateable” within the supply chain and to benefit from users feedback (create a transparent and competitive market place), including on demand solutions.


These two needs resulted in the EDEN Store concept that the EDEN project aims at developing and implementing on the long run.