EDEN Initial Field Exercise in Tarnobrzeg, Poland 06/05/2015

From 13th to 15th of April, Astri Polska organized first field exercise in the EDEN project called Initial Field Exercise. The objectives of the demonstration were to validate and evaluate the EDEN tools in field, train for integrated response in crisis situation and collect stakeholders views and opinions about the Toolbox concept and development.

To complete those objectives, two scenarios took place during the event:

-Car filled with explosives and radiological materials on fire, plus several small bombs around it. It was a scenario of a terrorist attack with a dirty bomb.

-Leak of chemicals and X-rays from illegal laboratory in the old school building in the city centre.

Many international stakeholders such as fire fighters, rescue services, government units, border guards units and many other took part in the exercise. During the event they had a chance to observe exercise but also to exchange their opinions and experience in the flow of information management and coordination of rescue operations in the countries of the European Union.

Photos from the exercise can be found in the GALLERY section

Information about the event was published in Polish media: