Initial Medium Scale Table Top Exercise in Poland 23/06/2015

The Initial Medium Scale Table Top Exercise (TTX) led by Space Research Centre PAS (SRC PAS) was held on 13-15th May 2015 in Warsaw, Poland. More than 50 international end-users, experts and tool providers from emergency and crisis management community worked together as members of Crisis Management Staff of fictional country Dunkelstein. During the Scenario several EDEN sets of tools for supporting decision-making processes were tested and validated.

The intention of the exercise was to simulate the activity of the strategic level of crisis management during an incident of massive radiological material release using selected tools from the EDEN Store., The scenario linked both previous EDEN RN events – the Virtual Facility (analysis of possible threats for nuclear power plant) and Initial Field Exercise (parts of the scenario were examined at operational and tactical level of incident command chain). The exercise itself lasted 7 hours and was trisected between following incidents originated in terroristic activity:

1st - localisation and defusing of RDD,

2nd – conventional attack on power lines of a power plant causing widespread power outage,

3rd – explosion of undetected RDD in a city center.

The main goals of the TTX event were:

  • To boost cooperation between different actors and institutions with relevant skills and competences for managing RN emergencies;
  • To test the effectiveness of communication flow during large scale disaster, especially in scope of identifying possible barriers; 
  • To show possible advantages of using improved EDEN tools and solution in large scale emergency management operations;
  • To present the EDEN tools and solutions to potential End Users.