Tabletop exercise on CWA incidents in Norway 23/06/2015

On the 3rd and 4th June, the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI) organised a table-top demonstration aimed at addressing medical aspects of CBRNe response in Chemical Warfare Agent (CWA) incidents. The demonstration was held at FFI in Kjeller, Norway.

The first day was organised as a scenario based strategic discussion, where two scenarios previously developed in PRACTICE and refined for the purposes of EDEN were presented and discussed:

-Sarin dispersion in ventilation system of large public building with an estimation of 1200 exposed people.

-Subsequent detonation of bomb containing sulphur mustard in another part of the constructed virtual city. More than 100 patients treated in a number of different hospitals, and dozens of responders worked at the blast scene before indications that the incident was CBRNe.

The participants were divided in six groups where each group covered two pre-chosen topics addressing the main objectives of the demonstration regarding comparing and exchanging respective medical practices, commonalities and differences, best practices and response plans.

On day 2 selected tool providers demonstrated their tools, focusing on how tools could improve the response to CBRNe incidents.  An interaction session was arranged where tool providers and end-users were given the chance to discuss the tools more thoroughly and allow end-users to provide positive and negative feedback. All participants were asked to evaluate two tools using prepared questionnaires.

14 international end-users, mainly medical experts, doctors and first responders took part in the demonstration, as well as several Consortium members and tool providers.