Virtual facility workshop in Poland 23/06/2015

As a part of the Work Package 63, the Virtual Facility Demontration was organised in Poland by the Main School of Fire Service (SGSP), with the support of Astri Polska (APL) and Space Research Center (CBK-PAN).

The event took place in Warsaw, Poland, and consisted of three different lunch-to-lunch workshops held by SGSP between January and May 2015:

Workshop 1: 28-29 of January 2015

Workshop 2: 25-26 of february 2015

Workshop 3: 12-13 of May 2015


Four different scenarios were created around a non-existing (virtual) nuclear power plant in order to test as many tools as possible during the workshops. 

1st scenario:

Terrorist attack in an attempt to steal radiological materials, resulting in an hostage situation plus a leak of contaminated water due to an explosion.

2nd scenario:

The second scenario is based on the first one, with a significant difference: a larger explosion causes the conaminated water leakage to be out of control. 

3rd scenario:

Natural disaster next to a nuclear power plant causes failure of cooling system that implies melting of rods, hydrogen explosion, fire and radioactive cloud.

4th scenario:

Traffic accident during rail transportation of radioactive materials, including the release of a large amounts of radioactive elements.


The global goals of those workshops were:

     -Presentation of EDEN store concept to End-users,

     -Evaluation of tools,

     -Confirmation of gaps and need for further development,

     -Using of the EDEN’s RN expert network.

The workshops results were a common understanding of the concept and process, the creation of a common working environment, definition of new needs and evaluation of the tools.