Based on user needs and in order to satisfy them following objectives of EDEN projects has been determined:

      1.  Develop a "system of systems" namely EDEN Toolbox of toolboxes (ToT)
      2.  Integrate in EDEN ToT as much as possible of the existing tools
      3.  Develop, adapt and integrate in the ToT several new tools
      4.  Test and validate the ToT during the three field demonstrations
      5.  Improve standardization
      6.  Respect for fundamental rights and ethical values
      7.  EDEN ToT success in the mid- and long-term
      8.  Implement a response with respect to the multiplicity in the situations
      9.  Boost the EU CBRNE market
     10. Take into account as much as possible relevant, existing, past or ongoing projects




EDEN will aim at:

-          Shortening time to response (after an event occurs)

-          Improving mass gathering/events security

-          Enhancing the protection of sensitive or critical infrastructures

-          Achieving a European lead in CBRNE sampling, detection, proficiency testing and forensics

-          Boosting the EU civilian CBRNE market

-          Reinforcing technological, societal and psychological resilience of the EU society


These aims will be realised with the EDEN Toolbox of Toolboxes approach, checked and improved throughout the demonstrations.