EDEN Biological threat demonstration in Bolonia, Italy 20/04/2016

On 14-15th April 2016 in FlyOn Hotel & Conference Center in Bolonia, Italy, one of the main events of FP7 EDEN Project- food & biological threat demonstration took place. Its main purpose was to present the practical effectiveness of the EDEN Store and the tools integrated within it for securing food production chain from biological and chemical contamination which may have a huge negative social and economic impact on national and international scale. Although this type of intentional attacks have not happened so far in Europe, food industry in cooperation with administration and Crisis Management units need to stay resilient and ready to respond properly to such a threat. The goal of the project EDEN was to answer to their needs by developing a wide range of tools which enable to:

-          Detect and identify the type of contamination on different stages of the food production chain;

-          Protect the food and its casing from possible contamination;

-          Control the freshness of the food after its production;

-          Monitor unauthorized entrance to the food production facility;

-          Manage the food distribution chain.

During the demonstration in Bolonia, over 60 participants from several countries had a chance to see 20 EDEN tools, evaluate their functionality and meet with their providers who presented their possible implementation in the food production and distribution chain. Additional attraction of the event was a visit to “Villani” meat production facility where attendees took a tour showing the way the Italian meat is processed from the arrival of raw pieces to delivery of the final on-the-shelf product. At “Villani” several EDEN tool-providers took some samples in order to conduct  contamination tests which demonstrated the practical functionality of their sensors for the food industry.      

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