EDEN Integration Workshop and Table Top Exercise 23/04/2016

EDEN Large Scale Demo in Pripyat Integration Workshop (LSDP IW) and the Table Top Exercise (TTX) took place on 18 -  19th  April at the Main School of Fire Service of Poland, in Warsaw.


The EDEN Large Scale Demonstration in Pripyat  is planned on 16 - 20th May 2016 and its goal is to test and employ the integrated EDEN Store technologies to support an operation conducted by multiple users on different crisis management levels. Additionally the improved technical solutions will be validated and optimized including the procedures of use, certain level of trust into technology, provision for development of extra training and organizational arrangement customized to user realities inside different structures in different countries.


The Integration Workshop at the Main School of Fire Service aimed at information sharing among project participants - suppliers and end users, tools presentation and final decision on the demonstration structure and its scale. The event combined Hotzone Solutions (HZS) Group, the Main School of Fire Service (SGSP), APL, SRC and IChC partners, especially tools providers and end users.


The Table Top Exercise integration workshop was organised by SRC in order to define the specific assumptions for the Table Top Exercise which will be the final part of the Large Scale Radiological Demonstrations series, including preceding project field demonstrations in Casaccia (Italy) and Pripyat (Ukraine).


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