LSDP Chernobyl 31/05/2016

The EDEN Large Scale Demonstration in Pripyat (LSDP) (Ukraine) was conducted by EDEN consortium from 16th to 20th of May 2016.


The event was managed by the Main School of Fire Service (SGSP) and Hotzone Solutions company (HZS) in co-operation with the State Agency of Ukraine on the Exclusion Zone Management (SAEZ) and International Chernobyl Centre (ChC).

EDEN LSDP was organized as a three-day realistic practical exercise with a range of crisis situations regarding radiological threat of public safety having an influence on international scale.


The main objectives of the LSDP - Field Exercise in Pripyat were:

to conduct a large-scale operational validation of the EDEN Store integrated solution in operational environment, combining field and tabletop activities for RN recommendations for improvement;

to assess the improvement in users’ response and crisis management capabilities resulting from utilization of integrated EDEN Store solutions;

to provide recommendations on future evolutions of the EDEN Store including its business model.


Additionally the improved technical solutions were validated and optimized including the procedures of use, certain level of trust into technology, provision for development of extra training and organizational arrangement customized to user realities inside different structures in different countries.

The LSDP was conducted as a part of the international demonstration event organised by EDEN consortium members. Relevant episodes related to large scale RN risks mitigation were enhanced and addressed with support of solutions offered by the Eden Store.