EDEN Supplier Platform

What is the EDEN Supplier Plaform?

The EDEN Supplier Platform is a firm advocate for representing Suppliers during the life of the project with the prime objective being to develop a proposal to achieve appropriate Supplier involvement in the EDEN demonstrations and the provision of tools for the EDEN Store. The Supplier Platform is made up of public and private stakeholders.

Why does EDEN need a Supplier Platform and what is it’s role?

The EDEN Supplier Platform guarantees that the EDEN project includes the most up-to-date equipment, technologies and services. The Supplier Platform is established to assist companies providing their products and knowledge for CBRNE contingency plans within EDEN demonstration activities or the EDEN Store.

The development of the EDEN Supplier Platform is split into three specific phases:

Phase One:   Selection of relevant suppliers
Phase Two:   Testing of the technology/equipment and the services proposed during the demonstration activities
Phase Three:   Evaluation to identify the best available techniques (up-to-date technologies)

To achieve Phase One, EU-VRi, which is leading the Supplier Platform on behalf of Project EDEN as part of Work Package 15, will reach out through technology platforms, professional associations, partners in research programs and federations and groupings of potential suppliers across Europe to find members for the platform which already has over 15 signed up members.

To achieve Phase Two, EU-VRi will support and co-ordinate the suppliers participating in the demonstration activities to assure that the technologies/equipment/services provided will be used in best possible way.

To achieve Phase Three, the various technologies/equipment/services tested during the DEMO WPs will be evaluated in terms of performance, costs, practicality according to upfront defined criteria. A catalogue for all technologies/equipment/services tested will be prepared with a form in order to capitalize the knowledge gained during Phase Two. Phase Three includes the presentation of selected suppliers at the EDEN CBRNE Fair.

Why signing up for the Supplier Platform?


The benefits expected for the members of the platform are:
- An opportunity for Suppliers to publicise their products across the European stage and the wider global marketplace including potential customers
- Participation in the respective project meetings, the EDEN Fair and ensuing networking opportunities
- Inclusion of  technologies, processes and procedures in the EDEN stor
- The potential to provide  technologies, processes and procedures  for demonstration, testing and validation to the CBRNE community
- Participation in the EDEN demonstration debriefing, evaluation and dissemination activities for selected  technologies, processes and procedures

Who can join?
Any company (not being SME, as for SMEs the SME Platform is established) willing to offer products and knowledge for CBRNE contingency plans for EDEN demonstration activities or the EDEN Store and with an interest in research, development and marketing of products and services to the CBRNE community .