EDEN SME Platform

The Project EDEN SME Platform is an opportunity for SME’s (Small & Medium Enterprises) across Europe to contribute their products and services to the EDEN toolbox with participation, subject to selection, in the demonstrations taking place in Poland, Italy, France and the EDEN Fair which is in Brussels. If a piece of equipment or process is used in one of the demonstrations, it has the opportunity to be evaluated. All activity and results will be disseminated to relevant stakeholders across the CBRNE community. This is a great marketing opportunity for your organisation.

The Platform is designed to encourage SME’s to participate in the EDEN events and hence demonstrate their capability to improve the resources for the preparing, protecting and managing of a CBRNE incident. The SME Platform has several roles in Project EDEN, including providing a broad range of equipment, processes and protocols in the EDEN Toolbox and using some of these to increase the EDEN demonstration capabilities. The platform also consolidates the European Commission’s commitment to help SME’s develop and sell technology in the market place.

The development of the EDEN SME Platform is split into three specific phases:

Phase One:   SME Outreach across Europe for participation in the project;
Phase Two:   Identification of suitable SME’s to represent the technologies, processes and procedures of the key stages in a CBRNE event;
Phase Three:   SME participation with the main demonstrations and the EDEN CBRNE fair;
Phase Four
: Dissemination  of SME participation in EDEN.

To achieve Phase One, CBRNE Ltd, which is leading the SME Platform on behalf of Project EDEN as part of Work Package 14, will reach out through networks and SME associations across Europe to find members for the platform which already has over 30 signed up members.

To achieve Phase Two, CBRNE Ltd will create a panel of experts in this field, who will judge and select those SME’s who are best able to represent the technologies, processes and procedures of the key stages of a CBRNE incident. This selection process will be undertaken in conjunction with WP40, WP50, WP60 and WP 90.

To achieve Phase Three, CBRNE Ltd will put together a report to demonstrate the capabilities captured in phase two and then, in liaison with the Demo Leaders (WP’s 40, 50, 60 and 90 [EDEN CBRNE Fair]), CBRNE Ltd will help co-ordinate the participation of the selected SME’s where possible.

To achieve Phase Four CBRNE LTD will work with APL (WP90) for the dissemination and exploitation of SME participation and evaluations carried out by WPs 40/50/60/90 for dissemination to the End User Community within the EU

The advantages for SMEs who join the platform include:

1.   A opportunity for SMEs to publicise their products across the European stage and the wider global marketplace;
2.   The opportunity to raise the awareness of your products with potential customers;
3.   The opportunity to find partners interested in investing in your ideas – perhaps bringing forward your technology readiness levels from TRL 5 to TRL9.
4.   Introduction to the potential for technological spin-offs generated in the defence domain and applicable to the civilian one (and vice-versa).
5.   The progressive extension of “dual-use” and its possible application to the CBRN domain
6.   A strong link with the EDEN Supplier Platform to leverage the fact that many SMEs are also suppliers.