The Main School of Fire Service (SGSP)

SGSP is the only one in Poland and one of the few state technical universities in the world, which trains fire service officers and educates specialist in fire safety and civil safety engineering at the same time. SGSP reports to the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration. It has full academic rights and constitutes an organisational unit of the State Fire Service (PSP).

The head of SGSP is Rector-Commandant who manages and represents SGSP and is also the head executive of all the employees and students. Rector-Commandant co-operates with: Deputy Commandant for Education and Deputy Commandant for Operations. The highest collective authority at SGSP is the Scientific Board.

There are two faculties at SGSP: Fire Safety Engineering Faculty and Civil Safety Engineering Faculty. They are further divided into departments and institutes.

SGSP offers two types of classes: day and extramural, both of the same academic character. Graduates can obtain either bachelor's or master's degree. There is also a wide variety of postgraduate and specialised courses available. The classes are led by highly qualified academics, who have degrees in technical subjects and other fields of knowledge (e.g., economy, law, management, etc.) as well as by highly specialised commanding staff.

Activities in EDEN:

To establish a common methodology for all WP60 demonstration activities

To conduct planning and oversight of all WP60 demonstration activities

Participation in the following Work Packages:

WP11 Consortium Management

WP12 EDEN Advisory Board

WP13 End-Users Platform

WP21 End-user needs

WP22 Gap Analysis

WP23 Scenario development

WP41 EDEN Store Food tools maturation, validation and integration

WP42 Food Demo Simulation

WP52 Tools integration and EDEN Store customization for (multi-C) Demo

WP53 Demonstration Animation

WP54 Demonstration Implementation

WP61 Management and Planning

WP72 Resilience Matrix Tool

WP73 EDEN Predicted Resilience and Demo Evaluation

WP81 The Ethics of CBRN Response

WP82 Analysis of Legal and Policy Framework

WP83 Societal impact and Communication Aspects

WP91 Dissemination and events

WP92 Interface with journalists and media

WP93 Population awareness