Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI)

The Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI), founded on 11 October 1965, is one of the major Italian thinktanks in the fields of foreign policy, security and defence issues and EU affairs. An independent approach characterises its policy-oriented research traditionally directed at government, business, international organizations and European institutions. Since 2004 PASR, IAI’s Security and Defence Department has been active in several European projects, and developed a significant expertise in organising and bringing the main security end user and stakeholders communities into technological projects and in managing feedback collected in workshops / interviews in compliance with the classification and confidentiality rules set by the EC. CBRN issues have been dealt with by IAI in: EUfunded projects, i.e., CBRNE map and “EU-US Security Strategies”; BIO3R (2007-2008); national studies (i.e., CBRN threat: potential risks and possible responses, 2007); international meetings and surveys, e.g., DECOTESSC1; FORESEC; CORPS. IAI is also member of the Industrial Mission Group - Security (IMG-S) Technology Area 6 (TA6) CBRNE and of the R&S platform SERIT (SEcurity Research in ITaly) promoted by Finmeccanica and the Italian National Research Council (CNR).

Activities in EDEN: 

 IAI leads the End Users Platform (WP13); participate to the analysis of user needs especially supporting dedicated Local Workshops (in WP 20) and assuring permanent links with End Users all along the project for all the activities requiring their feedback (WP30, WP40, WP50, WP60, WP80, WP90); supports the analysis of the EU policy framework for CBRNE response (WP80); supports the analysis of the EU institutional framework (WP90); IAI leads the WP96 on “Boost the EU CBRNE market.