CBRNE Ltd focuses on human behavior, human factors and ethical issues as these have an overarching influence on so much of what we do.  CBRNE Ltd can provide a systematic search for the strengths and potential weaknesses in any organisation's resilience arrangements placing values against each process within a multitude of disciplines that can be found in any organisation, including physical security, partnerships, human performance and inter-departmental cohesian. Critically, it looks beyond known risks and explores a range of 'what if scenarios' that can then be planned for.

Activities in EDEN:

CBRNE Ltd will develop and promulgate a campaign across the European Union, to inform SME’s of the EDEN project. This campaign will be designed to encourage suitably qualified SME’s to apply to participate in the programme and hence demonstrate their capability to improve the resources for the preparing, protecting and managing of a CBRNE incident.

CBRNE Ltd will then create a panel of experts in this field, who will judge and select those SME’s who are best able to represent the technologies, processes and procedures of the key stages of a CBRNE incident.  CBRNE Ltd will help co-ordinate the participation of the selected SME’s for inclusion in the proposed demonstrations and the EDEN CBRNE Fair

CBRNE Ltd is also delivering the EDEN Resilience Matrix to allow the assessment of an organisation’s resilience to a CBRNE type attack or threat. We will answer the question; “How Resilient is or will be the EU to CBRNE Type Threats – given that we have the EDEN toolbox”.  The Tool will be used to baseline and predict the resilience of systems and an evaluation thereof.

CBRNE Ltd is delivering, within WP80 two deliverables: Firstly the “EDEN Communication Kit” which will investigate the communicational strategies employed, and behavioural responses (of e.g. victims, first-responders, etc.) likely to be encountered during the CBRNE response cycle. Analysis of behavioural responses will facilitate better response strategies, encouraging cooperation and active participation from the public, while augmenting resilience capabilities.

Secondly CBRNE Ltd will deliver an “Impact Assessment for Vulnerable Groups” to identify vulnerable groups in the context of CBRNE crises and response (e.g. minors, elderly people, people with disabilities, migrant groups, low-income households, institutionalised groups such as inpatients or prison populations, etc.) and analyses the social and cultural impact of the EDEN system of systems upon them. The task will result in recommendations on such issues as (i) mitigation of physical and psychological impact (especially in highly stressful contexts); (ii) access to information; (iii) added difficulties of care in context of reduced infrastructure; (iv) avoidance of alienation, victimisation, stigmatisation, etc. and (v) sensitive behaviour on the part of first-responders and authorities; and respect for fundamental rights (especially dignity).

CBRNE Ltd is providing support to Task Leaders addressing the Supplier and End User Platform, new Tools and their innovative development, ethical review of selected project deliverables and dissemination activities including the demonstrations and the EDEN CBRNE Fair.