INERIS is a public research body of an industrial and commercial character, under the supervision of the French Ministry in charge of Ecology and Sustainable Development. INERIS combines a range of scientific and technical skills required for the control of industrial risks and environmental and health protection in the service of sustainable development. INERIS’ mission is to assess and prevent accidental and chronic risks to people and the environment due to industrial plants, chemical substances and underground operations.

Therefore, it conducts research and expertise activities requested by industrial operators and/or public authorities in the field of risk assessment, prevention and protection connected to industrial activities, in particular for hazardous establishments using chemicals. INERIS gives support to the French Public Authorities and Industry on the implementation of the directives related to the control of major accident hazards.

Since April 15, 2003, INERIS set up an Emergency Action Support Unit called CASU to provide, in real time (H24), a technical and scientific support to Public Authorities in case of chemical event (accident or attack).

INERIS is also involved in supporting Public Authorities for counter terrorism such as security concerns related to chemical plants and transport of dangerous goods or as studying improvised explosives devices or chemical weapons.

Activities in EDEN:

INERIS is the WP50 leader related to the multi-chemical demonstration. This work package aims at demonstrating the ability of the EDEN store to detect chemical malevolent events, and for first responders, to identify chemical agents involved in the attacks and to define an operational response (technical, medical...), decontamination ...and to improve resilience against chemical contamination in infrastructures and in the environment. EDEN will also address issues regarding crisis managers.

INERIS contributes to the WP23 to define the scenarios of multi-chemical attacks in industrial facilities and urban centres that will be developed in the WP50.