Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurement PIAP was established in 1965. The main goal of PIAP is to transfer new technologies to the market in the field of industrial automation, robotics, measurement systems, as well as automation and robotisation of manufacturing processes.

PIAP offers a significant potential for research, design and development. The Institute has extensive experience in the field of robotics, automation and measurement and ongoing relationships with various major domestic and foreign partners. Close cooperation with enterprises results in numerous implementations of innovative technologies into industrial practice.

Presently PIAP employs about 260 people with more than 150 researchers among them. In the field of security PIAP specialists are involved in research and development of IEDD/EOD/inspection/forensic robots, payloads, surveillance vehicles, autonomous platforms, environmental data acquisition, specialised IT solutions and integration of systems.

PIAP has been designing and manufacturing advanced electronic and mechanical systems for military and security applications, in particular in the field of mobile robotics and teleoperation, for over 15 years. A family of advanced mobile robots developed in PIAP’s laboratories as well as robotic devices for special forces responsible for security has been successfully implemented in Poland and abroad. In order to enable such a successful implementation, solutions are being developed in collaboration with end-users, such as Police, Border Guards, the Government Protection Bureau, Fire Brigades and the Army.

PIAP has an extensive scientific and R&D cooperation with research and industrial centres at the national and international level, aimed to carry out research projects and R&D activities funded under the EU Framework Programmes, as well as within European Defence Agency’s R&D programmes, structural funds and national funds for science as well as in the framework of bilateral cooperation or commercial orders from industry


Activities in EDEN:

PIAP planned activities are as follows:

-     Development of IEDD/EOD mobile robot adjusted for conducting field missions for detecting chemical and radiological polluted environment,

-     Development of soil, fluids and air samplers adapted to various robots,

-     Deliver tools and inputs for developing EDEN Toolbox of Toolboxes, EDEN-store,

-     Participation in tasks related to ethical issues,

-    Participation in elaboration of scenarios for chemical and radiological demonstrations.