There are three different Platforms supporting the EDEN project. Their roles and objectives are different and a general description for each of them is given below. If you would like to learn more about them or join one of them, please click on the chosen platform in menu.

EDEN SME Platform

The Project EDEN SME Platform is an opportunity for SME's (Small & Medium Enterprises) across Europe to contribute their products and services to the EDEN toolbox with participation, subject to selection, in the demonstrations taking place in Poland, Italy, France and the EDEN Fair which is in Brussels. If a piece of equipment or process is used in one of the demonstrations, it has the opportunity to be evaluated. All activity and results will be disseminated to relevant stakeholders across the CBRNE community.  This is a great marketing opportunity for your organisation.

EDEN Supplier Platform

The EDEN Supplier Platform is a firm advocate for representing Suppliers during the life of the project with the prime objective being to develop a proposal to achieve appropriate Supplier involvement in the EDEN demonstrations and the provision of tools for the EDEN Store. The Supplier Platform is made up of public and private stakeholders.

EDEN End Users Platform (EUP)
The purpose of the End Users Platform (EUP) is to make the CBRNE End Users the "driving force" of the different phases of the EDEN project thus providing solutions as close as possible to the real needs expressed by End Users.

At any time End Users ranging from First Responders to Decision-Makers, from Research Institutes to Media and others can join the EUP in order to assess the opportunity to participate in relevant EDEN activities, provide feedback on EDEN findings and have access to EDEN mid-term and final results.

In order to favour the End Users participation in workshops and demonstration activities EDEN has made a budget for reimbursement of travel/hotel and daily subsistence’s allowance according to EU rules.