The UPEC is composed of 7 faculties and 5 Institutions. The teachers, the researchers and more than 3,000 contractors from public and private partners make every year more than 30,000 students and assets of all ages.
The University aims to increase the european exchanges between the european and international Institutions and encourage the international mobility. The university offers a wide range of courses in more than 300 disciplines, license, master, PhD.

SAMU sends medical teams outside the hospital to take care of the patient before his admission to the appropriate hospital. SAMU is based on a telephone triage of all emergency calls. SAMU handles individual cases as well as disaster events and conduct teaching and clinical research.


The main goals of the project result from experience gained within the well-established and intensively practiced French interoperable training and exercise programme and which could serve as a basis for similar CBRN security by infrastructures in other European nations.