Magen David Adom in Israel is the National Emergency Medical Service (EMS) for the state of Israel, National Blood Service and the National Red Cross Society.

MDA serves 7.7 million inhabitants (the Israeli population) through 11 state of the art operations centers with a highly advanced C4I system, a fleet of around 900 vehicles (basic and advanced life support ambulances, a medical evacuation helicopter, and special operations appliances – all train, motorcycles) all tracked through localization systems. MDA has 1650 staff members and 10'000 volunteers who respond to about 1250 calls for assistance daily. MDA runs a CBRN program since 1992, where its personnel have been equipped with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and auto injectors for the treatment of nerves agents. Triage, treatment and transportation protocols, coordination procedures with other response organizations, have been developed, trained and simulated.


- Providing medical gaps and information as expertise in the field and developing scenarios,

- Providing support for table-tops and demonstrations,

- Providing communication and networking with agencies and organization globally,

- Distributing information,

- Societal Impact and Communicational Aspects - providing input on possible societal impacts