Astri Polska

Astri Polska Sp. z o.o. (APL) is a Warsaw-based enterprise being a subsidiary of the Astrium SAS (share 50%) and Space Research Centre of Polish Academy of Sciences (SRC PAS). APL’s mission is to develop space applications and industry in co-operation with major Polish space stakeholders including public and private space specialized organisations. Under contracts of European organisations including European Space Agency APL runs space technology and applications projects and serves as an information and collaboration facilitation platform for national space related scientific and industrial partner institutions.

APL’s specialization includes electronics, optoelectronics, GNSS and Earth Observation applications, robotics, space surveillance and others. One of the main goals of APL is to assist remote sensing and satcom SMEs in development of novel applications. Currently the company is involved in organizing demonstrations of new technologies in real environments, mainly in the security & crisis management sector. The company is strongly focused on enhancing its expertise in technical R&D areas. Since its foundation in mid-2010, the company has been involved in several FP7 project procedures.

Activities in EDEN:

APL will manage dissemination and information flow, gathered up in the WP90. The actions will be continued along the whole duration of the study. Moreover, APL will also contribute to the multi C demonstration (WP50) and manage organization of the radiological explosive demonstration (WP60).