The EDEN Store is the form of an open but secured platform with simple mechanisms for suppliers and users to enter new components, tools, systems and procedures in a secure and standardized way. It works as a platform for downloading and connecting applications, and existing tools (from scenarios, procedures, descriptions, sensors catalogues to large systems) and for uploading new tools as a real system. It offers users the opportunity to operate the applications in their systems, with their own integration tools as well as tools from the Toolbox of Toolboxes.

Additional functionalities include an interface to the public for awareness, communication, population interface and support, a secure market place and a supply chain portal and secure forum for users with strict security controls. As a one-stop shop on CBRNE knowledge, the Store makes available the latest scientific and research results and current technologies, models, methods, in particular on public behaviour to deal with human impact of disasters, and tools on preparedness and crisis communication.

Please check EDEN Store possibilities on EDEN Store website

EDEN will be validated by three practical demonstrations aimed at evaluating the EDEN "Toolbox of Toolboxes” and its Store. They will demonstrate enhanced CBRNe resilience and will be assessed by end users from numerous Member States and several non-EU countries:

     -  Contamination in the food chain,
     -  Multi-attacks against chemical sites,
     -  Radiological and nuclear threats,

covering multiple CBRNe hazards and phases of the security cycle, response tiers, and stakeholders.