Space Research Center

The Space Research Centre (SRC) of the Polish Academy of Sciences is the only institution in Poland whose activity is fully devoted to space research, space technology and their applications. It is also a leading institution for satellite support of civil protection in Poland.
The SRC’s scientists and engineers developed, constructed and prepared for launch more than 70 instruments and participated in the experiments in more than 50 space missions. The satellite applications have been of particular interest to SRC, hence its active involvement in a number of projects of 6th and 7th Framework Programmes: GMES-Poland, PEARL, ASTRO+, LIMES, TANGO, G-MOSAIC, GEOLAND, GEOLAND2, GEONetCab, EEGS and EEGS2.
SRC has been involved in crisis management activities since 2005. The Crisis Information Centre (CIC) of SRC arose from the close cooperation with civil protection during the 2010 flood in Poland, when its flood-related analysis were used operationally. The Polish GMES SAFER and GIO EMS activations have been supported by CIC experts. On the user side, the significant experience exists in the area of generation of geospatial information during a response phase of the ongoing crisis.
CIC provides operational support for the Polish Civil Protection and conducts R&D activities based on its insight into user needs. CIC also coordinates demonstration of modern technologies in operational environment. Such activities include participation in civil protection international exercises EU CARTPATHEX 2011 and POLEX 2013.

Activities in EDEN:

 The Crisis Information Centre of SRC will be mainly involved in organization of the radiological demonstration. It will support SGSP in coordination of demonstrations and participate in activities providing support for users throughout the whole command chain, in particular through use of its geospatial competence.
CIC will also coordinate provision of the Radiological Test-Service. The purpose of the activities will be to allow users to experiment with EDEN Store capabilities in their own work, to understand EDEN Store potential and limitations and to apply it to their everyday duties, when appropriate.